Pemaquid Point, Maine

At the end of a weekend in Maine, my family and I headed up to serene New Harbor and took a walk down Pemaquid Point.  The afternoon had reached a boiling point and my bare feet had to quickly hop from one barnacle covered boulder to the next, as I ventured down the long stretch of rock, rising from the vivid, turquoise water.  I had fun experimenting with different shutter speeds on my camera, which gave an ethereal look to the water.  Children of all ages enjoyed standing atop the massive slabs of rock as if they ruled the world, and older folk sat in the calm of the afternoon, dipping their feet into title pools. I found pleasure in taking loads of pictures while swiftly moving through the sea breezes with gravel covered feet. It sure proved to be a perfect afternoon!

Here are some shots from the afternoon :)


Indigo F.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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