When You Carry a Nikon While Camping…

I recently embarked on a 40 mile backpacking trip during an outdoorsy camp I went to in the heart of the Adirondack’s. While packing various fleece items, bug-spray, assorted mis-matched woolen socks and such, I looked over to my Nikon sitting on a nearby shelf. Do I really need to take this, I thought, looking down to my already overstuffed backpack. Something in me, despite the fact that it could get smashed, permanently lost or just flat out be a waste of space, realized sometimes you need to take opportunities to capture shots that you can only get while being attacked by mosquitos in the middle of the woods. After long days of hiking 7-11 miles, I would sit down in a mess of sleeping bags, dig out my camera and wander about, snapping shots of all the magnificent wilderness that surrounded me. One of the nights we slept on the summit of a mountain and woke up to witness a truly spectacular sunrise that bled stunning oranges and reds all over the neighboring mountain ranges.  Thankfully, my Nikon did not get smashed or lost in the process of the trip and I found it to certainly not be a waste of space.  Now I can look at this old camera of mine with a new fondness, knowing its traveled with me through the rough and rocky, and collected so many memories along the way. Here are an assortment of shots I took during my time on trail!


Indigo F.

cheesy sausage potato blob…the ultimate greasy trail food


Messin’ Around in Aperture

I’ve been having some playing with editing in the Aperture program recently, and decided that it would be fun posting some edited photos I took! Hope you all enjoy!


Indigo F.

(this one is a dandelion)

( view of Boston from the top of the Prudential)


The Story of Butter

Prisoner of a suburban lawn

It clings with spindly arms

Deafening silence defining it’s immobility

The butterfly waits

Papery black wings loosely attached to a quivering pipe cleaner of a body

Losing strength, it watches

Expecting fate’s hand to restore him to his freedom

Setting him loose to flutter through breezes

Instead life evades him

The world passes, as he remains in crushing stillness

Soft hands cup around this forgotten soul

Cradling and stroking the fragile orange speckled wings

A child’s freckled nose appears in the butterflies face

Loud and excited words jump from it’s mouth

The butterfly holds on tight as his sweaty platform shifts

Butter, the forgotten, three winged butterfly was named

His grip steadied as the child whimsically held it up in front of the world

Life had changed

Only for a moment

That was all he had needed

When he departed to fly

Bakery Heaven

What makes a bakery so perfect? Is it the simmering vibe that allows you to relax and soak up the aroma’s of fresh croissants coming out of the oven? Or the admiration that hides beneath your smile when you’re surrounded by rows of pastries and baskets of bread, that you can hardly resist.  The vibe of a bakery/cafe always seems calm, like the sea rolling in and out, not caring what it picks up, just content with how the day is.  I feel instantly peaceful when I enter a bakery, with all the odds and ends scattered about, making it personable and cozy. This collection of pictures is dedicated to all those great bakeries out there, who’s commitment to a certain excellence in baking never stops, while never ceasing to keep a pleasant mood.

-Indigo F.

Charm of the City Cafe


Introducing Nigel

Nigel, an affectionate black lab puppy, has become the most recent addition to our extended family. A little more then a month ago, we would never though that our cousins would be getting a dog, but we where proven wrong when we received the word that they would be getting a black lab puppy; a puppy named Nigel that would change everything. Nigel’s silky black fur and milky brown eyes evoke a heart melting adorableness that you want to cuddle and coo over for weeks. Wherever Nigel trots off to, everyone follows, making silly voices at the innocent, fury face staring up at us.  After playing wildly with his rubber toys, Nigel takes a snooze right in the middle of the kitchen, like he owns the whole floor. When Nigel wakes up, he lumbers around a bit, then skips right into play mode, where he’ll nudge your ankles to throw him his favorite chicken toy. During lunch, he’ll patiently wait at your feet, watching you intently as if he rightfully deserves a nibble off your plate. His little, wet blackberry nose will quiver with excitement, when you give in to his cuteness, offering him a small bite under the table. Nigel sure knows how to buy your affection with his endless cuddling and determined scampering about the lawn. Did I also mention he is photogenic? I can’t wait to see him grow into those huge paws of his, and see him sprinting down the beach with my cousins not to far behind. I can see Nigel and his new family will have many more memories to come! Without further adieu, welcome to the family Nigel!


Indigo F.

Nigel looking out at the world

A Sunday Bike Ride

“Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away,”  Paul McCartney once said. I found myself looking back today, on a refreshing bike trip my family and I took in Swanzey New Hampshire. Everything seemed to slip away into the crimson … Continue reading

Rural Escape

This Sunday, I found myself in the wonderful position of attending a morning jazz concert at a venue surrounded by lush green pastures dotted in dandelions with stone walls stretching to the horizon. A lazy morning filled  with lovely jazz pieces by the talented Champion Fulten, wound into a windy afternoon at  a friend of a friends farm. There where views galore and the never ending blue sky splotched in frothy clouds. I hadn’t been out in rural New England for a while, so it was nice to feel like I had escaped for a little while.  Here are some photos from the day! I was especially excited to shoot in all black and white as well!


Indigo F.



Spring’s Waltz


Yesterday was nothing but big blue sky’s and gentle breezes waltzing though the boughs of flowering trees. Fistfuls of green were breaking out left and right and pinky white blossoms tumbled off the lower trees, creating a fairy-like snow! Now I am beginning to love the opening feeling that spring evokes. Spring takes it’s own time, like a waltz. Each step is beautiful in it’s own place and the melody twists around the motion of the dance, slowly, but elegantly leading it. I found that if you take the time to meet each second and open yourself to the opportunities that life presents you, we can all embody the beauty of spring.


Indigo F.

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April Sunset

I recently had the pleasure of looking outside my window into an ocean of color with black tree branches stenciled up against it.  It started at the crevasse with a deep amethyst hugh smudging the coppery pink clouds above it. It was truly a gorgeous sunset, so breathtaking that I ran out the door in my pajamas, with bare feet and a camera in hand to the end of my road to get these shots!  I hope you all are receiving lovely spring weather and get to look out your window and see a a view as spectacular as the one I just saw!


Indigo F.