In the City Streets

What will you find in the city streets?  On a recent trip to Jamaica Plain, I realized a city’s story and feel, is characterized by it’s people.  Everyone in JP has a unique presence that makes the streets so interesting to photograph. JP is one of those funky finds where it seems like wherever you may be, the bustling tempo of the city slows down enough for you to appreciate your surroundings. For instance, on a walk around Jamaica Plain’s pond, I noticed how people ambled along in no hurry, some even taking time to stop and listen to a jam session that was just starting up.  If you ever happen to be in the Boston area, JP should not missed!  Here are some shots I got from the day!


Indigo Fletcher


What is Paradise?

I was recently listening to this amazing cover of Paradise by Coldplay on YouTube and was thinking what does it mean…Paradise? So I started thinking of all the experienced that make me feel like I am truly in Paradise! What can I say? The song was well done, totally unique and beautifully recorded to a point where I felt inspired enough to go through some of my photo albums and pick out my favorite “Paradise” photos! I’m putting the link to this amazing cover,( done by a group called “The Piano Guys”) as well as some of my photos too! Hope you enjoy them both!


Indigo F.


Small but Satisfying Weekend Accomplishments

This weekend, I was slightly determined to overcome a pile of Latin homework and possibly start the long and painfully boring vacuum my dust smothered room. Instead, I find myself at the end of this weekend happily reminiscing over my small but satisfying accomplishments.

Saturday was caught in a sleepy lemon haze that hung silently over our neighborhood in the early morning hours. Part of wandering is that you never know where you’ll end up. This plays a large part in my life, from not only shops and food, but also in music as well. I have been playing what I think is a stunning masterpiece to the ear, Points on Jazz Finale  by David Brubeck. It reels long extensions of the hand, requiring swift elegant movements across the vast plane of keys, and dramatic chord progressions enticing your soul to be  infinitely tranced by its’ passionate melody. I was happy to find myself further into the song than the hour previous, and left my lesson, full with melodic contentedness.

My initial instinct in putting homework aside for hopefully another 24 hours, was to head off to the nearest mall, with Urban Outfitters at my assist to dwindle away the afternoon. But of course, Saturday is a shopping zoo in the mall, and seeing that I get claustrophobic in churches on Christmas Eve, this would be the equivalent, with Cinnabun aromas mixing into the nauseating smells of the exotic hand lotion counter at Bath and Body Works. Instead my mom and I decided to head to our local favorite boutique, The Treasure Chest. Right in the window I saw it. A satin  tea green dress that looked like it could be from a 1950’s movie with a champagne colored ribbon tied loosely around the waist. Have you ever had the girl-dress moment before ( speaking to ladies), where at just one glance you’ve fallen head over heals for it before you’ve even tried it on. This anticipation builds like a bon fire of fashion joy, taking over any other worry or thought.  When I walked through the door, Lisa, the owner greeted me with open arms and about 15 dresses to try on that she had just gotten in. On the top of this pile was the tea green dress. I savored the moment of looking at the dress as much as I could, before seeing if it would actually fit me, leading me to put it in the middle of the large stack. At first I tried on a multitude of beach type dresses, ranging in many funky colors. After about 7 dresses, I came to it. Carefully pulling down the zipper, and tracing my hands down firm silk fabric, I stepped into the slim body of the dress, starting to feel the easy pull as my head came between the two straps. Thankfully, the zipper slowly and surely crept up my back, not to loosely, not to tightly. My fingers thrillingly tied the ribbon in front and I came out to face myself in the dress I had continuously dreamt about for the last 15 minutes. I came to the towering mirror, promising to either crush or elevate my quivering expectations. Finally I came face to face with myself, awe stricken with my elegant presence. When you’re a teenager, the comments you hope to receive, are somewhat along the lines of “Oh that’s so cute!”. I always envisioned the best style a person could obtain is elegance, with moments of fiery passion mixed in for good balance. I certainly have the second part of the equation, but happily found myself looking simply elegant with shoulders held back and my pale skin instead resting in a faint ivory glow. What can I say? These moments can simply be perfectly surprising.

I finished this lovely weekend off with making a slow roasted Catalan beef stew from Cooks Illustrated that was pure heaven! If you are a foodie and are in need of some good editorial humor and plate ( or bowl) licking dishes, I would unquestionably subscribe to this magazine!

I guess I’ll sign off with this great shot of a squirrel, guiltily pausing under the bird seed feeder. Unfortunately all these pictures are the only bits of winter I have left, seeing as the winter where I am, is most uneventful :(.


Indigo F.