When You Carry a Nikon While Camping…

I recently embarked on a 40 mile backpacking trip during an outdoorsy camp I went to in the heart of the Adirondack’s. While packing various fleece items, bug-spray, assorted mis-matched woolen socks and such, I looked over to my Nikon sitting on a nearby shelf. Do I really need to take this, I thought, looking down to my already overstuffed backpack. Something in me, despite the fact that it could get smashed, permanently lost or just flat out be a waste of space, realized sometimes you need to take opportunities to capture shots that you can only get while being attacked by mosquitos in the middle of the woods. After long days of hiking 7-11 miles, I would sit down in a mess of sleeping bags, dig out my camera and wander about, snapping shots of all the magnificent wilderness that surrounded me. One of the nights we slept on the summit of a mountain and woke up to witness a truly spectacular sunrise that bled stunning oranges and reds all over the neighboring mountain ranges.  Thankfully, my Nikon did not get smashed or lost in the process of the trip and I found it to certainly not be a waste of space.  Now I can look at this old camera of mine with a new fondness, knowing its traveled with me through the rough and rocky, and collected so many memories along the way. Here are an assortment of shots I took during my time on trail!


Indigo F.

cheesy sausage potato blob…the ultimate greasy trail food


Backroads of the Colorado San Juan Mountains

On my most recent adventure, I traveled with my family to the backroads of southwest Colorado. We embarked on various day trips, such as seeing the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, that have survived hundreds of years after their abandonment in 1300 A.D..   Just the 20 mile access road curving treacherously around bends dipping into steep canyons, was a mesmerizing trip of it’s own.  Another day, we took a trip to the bustling town of Durango and found all sorts of goodies like a croissant bakery with buttery fruit and chocolate filled croissants coming right out of the oven!  Not just the diverse scenery in Colorado is special, but the people as well. From the waitresses and waiters at the restaurants, to a shopkeeper or someone you’re sitting next to at dinner, everyone’ll ask where your from and stir up a lovely chat, just spur of the moment.

Being from out east, I never expected I’d see as many animals in a year, as I encountered on this trip. Plenty of ravens where always to be found, not mention the turkey vultures, buffalos, deer, mountain sheep, elk, coyotes, at least 1000 horses and cows and one suspicious black wolf. It seemed the animals where as relaxed and friendly as the people (minus that one suspicious wolf).

It’s impossible to not come back home without a little country twang in your voice, and whole lot of love for the wild west once you’ve been to southwest Colorado. I highly encourage a trip for you and your camera out there if you get the chance!

Bon Voyage!

Indigo F.

Vermont Awakening

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently come back from a weekend trip to Vermont to collect some data for a school science project I’m working on. Our car trip was quite stunning actually! It was all blue sky’s with large clouds draping over a panorama of azure mountains. Even though Vermont is called “The Green Mountain State”, it only portrays its name in summer. The mountains are drenched in reds and oranges during the fall, and painted blue and white during the winter and early spring. Whatever the season though, Vermont always manages to take your breath away. I have been going up to VT for many years, and it’s like home when I’m up there.  Even the car rides have become comforting with our annual stops to the Grafton Village Cheese store, where we stock up on jams, chocolate, simply heavenly bread and some pretty gosh darn amazing cheese! Besides the amazing food up there, what I also love is how you can just stand in the middle of a field and only hear the snow falling…it’s quite magical! Well besides tramping out into the woods for 3 hours to collect data, I couldn’t resist taking about 700 photos in the 24 hours I was there, so I have selected some of my favorites to post! ( The snow shots at the end remind me of pointillism paintings!)


Indigo F.

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