In the City Streets

What will you find in the city streets?  On a recent trip to Jamaica Plain, I realized a city’s story and feel, is characterized by it’s people.  Everyone in JP has a unique presence that makes the streets so interesting to photograph. JP is one of those funky finds where it seems like wherever you may be, the bustling tempo of the city slows down enough for you to appreciate your surroundings. For instance, on a walk around Jamaica Plain’s pond, I noticed how people ambled along in no hurry, some even taking time to stop and listen to a jam session that was just starting up.  If you ever happen to be in the Boston area, JP should not missed!  Here are some shots I got from the day!


Indigo Fletcher


Rural Escape

This Sunday, I found myself in the wonderful position of attending a morning jazz concert at a venue surrounded by lush green pastures dotted in dandelions with stone walls stretching to the horizon. A lazy morning filled  with lovely jazz pieces by the talented Champion Fulten, wound into a windy afternoon at  a friend of a friends farm. There where views galore and the never ending blue sky splotched in frothy clouds. I hadn’t been out in rural New England for a while, so it was nice to feel like I had escaped for a little while.  Here are some photos from the day! I was especially excited to shoot in all black and white as well!


Indigo F.