A Stroll Through Northampton

I recently took a trip down to Northampton MA and strolled through the bustling streets. People were pouring out of shops everywhere as the sunny afternoon seemed to melt into the crooked sidewalks.  Street musicians strummed on their guitars with their melancholy songs drifting away into the soft breezes.  People of all types were enjoying this gorgeous afternoon.  Children and their parents bicycled down the main street alongside groups of serious bikers, equipped in their special bike clothes.  My dad and I walked downtown, admiring the architecture and inhaling wafting aromas coming out of little cafes. We later found the Northampton Brewery with a roof deck drenched in sunlight. The staff was pleasant and the food was superb. I have never tasted mussels as delicious and garlicky as the ones we had there. The flatbread was fantastic as well with plump cherry tomatoes bursting at the press of a fork. After our satisfying lunch, we ventured to the center of town were we ambled into little stores filled with nice people and funky finds. After hours of poking about, we found ourselves at the famous Herrell’s Ice Cream. The entire store was bustling with adults and children licking waffle cones and making their way through a maze of others waiting in line. With a floppy hat on my head, a much too large Nikon camera swinging off my neck and dripping cup  of dutch orange chocolate ice cream in hand, I found myself in a bit of a pickle at the door. As if communicating that my shoelace was stuck on the door was hard enough with a maraschino cherry in my mouth, people were pouring into the store as I helplessly tugged my foot with ice cream dripping onto my hand.  Finally I escaped the clutches of the door and took to cleaning off the chocolate from my hair, arm, hands, shirt and camera. Our last stop was The Hungry Ghost Bread, which had some darn amazing bread. We left Northampton with satisfied stomachs, two loaves of bread and a camera full of pictures!


Indigo F.

2 thoughts on “A Stroll Through Northampton

  1. Thank you! Yes I do tend to like taking pictures of food because I’m a big foodie! I also like spotting people on the go…it makes for interesting glimpses of people’s lives

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