A Sunday Bike Ride

“Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away,”  Paul McCartney once said. I found myself looking back today, on a refreshing bike trip my family and I took in Swanzey New Hampshire. Everything seemed to slip away into the crimson light as I raced down hills, feeling the spring breezes glide gently over my back.  We were surrounded by emerald fields and forests of pine trees that filled the air with their sweet pitchy smells. The scenery distracted us from the calf-burning hills that would make us groan in distress, as our wheels slowly crept upward.  We passed through three covered bridges, two of which were from the 1800’s, and stopped to remember these lost beauty’s.  I honestly don’t know why they stopped making covered bridges! The feeling of riding over a rickety wooden floor towards the outside is so exhilarating! Another stop included The Creami Cone, which had ginormous twist cones that would keep us full for the next four hours! The end of our fifteen mile bike ride came to end just as the sun was no more than a slit of amber on the horizon. I watched my bikes shadow disappear in and out of the shafts of remaining light on the pavement, as we passed through our last forest. The afternoon was completely perfect in so many ways, that I feel that no matter where I am, I can always savor the feeling of yesterday. Here are some shots I got!



Comments and questions much appreciated!

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