April Sunset

I recently had the pleasure of looking outside my window into an ocean of color with black tree branches stenciled up against it.  It started at the crevasse with a deep amethyst hugh smudging the coppery pink clouds above it. It was truly a gorgeous sunset, so breathtaking that I ran out the door in my pajamas, with bare feet and a camera in hand to the end of my road to get these shots!  I hope you all are receiving lovely spring weather and get to look out your window and see a a view as spectacular as the one I just saw!


Indigo F.






2 thoughts on “April Sunset

  1. Hmmmm…. right now here it’s raining and we’ve had cloud solid for days, no decent sunsets or sunrises either, however sharing yours is cool, so thank you for your time and your share!….:)

  2. Oh I am very sorry to hear to that :( I truly hope the sun comes out where you live very soon! It always bums me out when it keeps on raining for days like that, so i can relate to the fealing. Thanks for your comment!

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