Backroads of the Colorado San Juan Mountains

On my most recent adventure, I traveled with my family to the backroads of southwest Colorado. We embarked on various day trips, such as seeing the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, that have survived hundreds of years after their abandonment in 1300 A.D..   Just the 20 mile access road curving treacherously around bends dipping into steep canyons, was a mesmerizing trip of it’s own.  Another day, we took a trip to the bustling town of Durango and found all sorts of goodies like a croissant bakery with buttery fruit and chocolate filled croissants coming right out of the oven!  Not just the diverse scenery in Colorado is special, but the people as well. From the waitresses and waiters at the restaurants, to a shopkeeper or someone you’re sitting next to at dinner, everyone’ll ask where your from and stir up a lovely chat, just spur of the moment.

Being from out east, I never expected I’d see as many animals in a year, as I encountered on this trip. Plenty of ravens where always to be found, not mention the turkey vultures, buffalos, deer, mountain sheep, elk, coyotes, at least 1000 horses and cows and one suspicious black wolf. It seemed the animals where as relaxed and friendly as the people (minus that one suspicious wolf).

It’s impossible to not come back home without a little country twang in your voice, and whole lot of love for the wild west once you’ve been to southwest Colorado. I highly encourage a trip for you and your camera out there if you get the chance!

Bon Voyage!

Indigo F.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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