Just a Year Ago…

Just a year ago was when I started photography. I was on spring break and my family and I were in Virginia and Washington DC for a little less then a week. After biking around The Mall, seeing a gorgeous Peacock in a b&b in Virginia and visiting tons of museums, our last stop as we were heading home, was visiting the National Zoo. And let me tell you, if you happen to be in DC, going to National Zoo should definitely be on your list! Seeing the panda’s were, as predicted, fantastic (and really cute!) as well as the elephants, lions and exotic birds. But what we really weren’t expecting to see was an orangoutang 30 ft above our heads, swinging nonchalantly on cables without anything attached to him. It was then where I quickly asked my mom for her camera, saying that I would be careful and run under the cable course to take some pictures, getting some of my first shots on her Nikon camera that has been now my loyal companion for almost an exact year. If those orangoutangs hadn’t been there at that moment, I don’t know if I would be blogging or doing photography. Ever since that encounter, I have been studying black and white photography books and have developed a keen interest on how shadow, angle, light, texture and shape affect what sense and atmosphere a photo evokes. So here I am, a year later and an obsessed photographer, sharing the first shots that sparked my interest in the world through the lens.


Indigo F.


(I just love that little impish look on his face!)

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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