Vermont Awakening

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently come back from a weekend trip to Vermont to collect some data for a school science project I’m working on. Our car trip was quite stunning actually! It was all blue sky’s with large clouds draping over a panorama of azure mountains. Even though Vermont is called “The Green Mountain State”, it only portrays its name in summer. The mountains are drenched in reds and oranges during the fall, and painted blue and white during the winter and early spring. Whatever the season though, Vermont always manages to take your breath away. I have been going up to VT for many years, and it’s like home when I’m up there.  Even the car rides have become comforting with our annual stops to the Grafton Village Cheese store, where we stock up on jams, chocolate, simply heavenly bread and some pretty gosh darn amazing cheese! Besides the amazing food up there, what I also love is how you can just stand in the middle of a field and only hear the snow falling…it’s quite magical! Well besides tramping out into the woods for 3 hours to collect data, I couldn’t resist taking about 700 photos in the 24 hours I was there, so I have selected some of my favorites to post! ( The snow shots at the end remind me of pointillism paintings!)


Indigo F.

1.8 acres with a fully renovated dog house for $54,900…Any takers?

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