Remembering Davey

Where do I even begin? Obviously I am stunned and quite sad that my favorite of the Monkees has passed on. Simply, I grew up a Monkees lover. In third grade I would come into class singing “Take the last train to Clarksville” and people would look at me asking, “What on earth are you doing?” Since only the teachers knew who I was singing most of the time, losing Davey is even harder knowing most people my age can’t relate much. I can clearly remember my dad ordering the seasons off of Netflix when I was 8 and watching episode after episode and loving every moment, as I wildly laughed! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the episodes, but it doesn’t surprise me that I developed a close knit relationship with that show. In fact I was never really into what other kids where watching when I was younger. Kids would talk about Hannah Montana and I would rambling on about The Walton’s, Gilligans Island and The Beverly Hillbillies. I was a fanatic of the wholesome shows, that have practically ceased to exist now :(.   It is such a shame TV has evolved into shows that just don’t have those silly wholesome components that they used to. So I suppose this leaves me to dedicate this post to Davey Jones and the good’ole shows of way back when.

Thanks for inspiring Davey!  You will always will have an affectionate place in my heart and be my favorite of the Monkees!


Indigo F.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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