The Suburban Oscars


I recently enjoyed a little oscar themed dinner at my house last night and besides having a lot of fun dressing up in pearls and fancy long dresses, the food was superb! I spontaneously decided on Saturday night that I would make an elegant dinner that would be suitable enough to serve at a post oscar party.  My mom and I got dressed up in our finest attire and swept through the kitchen like we where Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastine. I would credit where the outfits are from but I honestly have no idea! I do know that the gloves are from Forever 21.

The menu for the evening? Fig, mint and goat cheese crostini’s for hors d’oeuvres, steak with bearnaise sauce and proscuitto and boursin wrapped asparagus for the entree and dark chocolate coconut cake ( it tastes as good as it sounds)!  My ambition and frequent tasting opportunities drove me through the stress of having everything perfectly timed and the aggravation of my dog diving under my legs every 15 seconds to get the scraps of food that fell. Nonetheless, the food came out pretty great and I thoroughly enjoyed Billy Crystal hosting for his ninth time (pretty amazing right??)!  May I also mention that Octavia Spencer looked simply divine! I had quite an enjoyable evening overall!


Indigo F.


Comments and questions much appreciated!

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