5 Ways of Curing Friday Night Boredom…

If you find yourself at home on Friday with no plans and are suddenly creeping into a state of  utter boredom, what will you do? Go to the movies, pay for a bag of overpriced popcorn and sit through a two hour movie with the man in back of you sneezing periodically into the back of your head? This scenario is of course fine, but for a Friday night, sometimes its just fun to hang around at home. In case you haven’t already created a handy dandy list of 5 things to do when you reach a dire point of creative laziness, here is a list for you to try doing, in case nothing else pops into mind!

1.  Get creative and dress up for the night as your favorite character in a movie! Examples are Princess Leia from Star Wars. If you have long enough hair, try tying it into those galactic side buns! A white turtle neck and bed sheet will be sufficient for the costume, and there you are!

2. If you’re not in the mood for taking time to ( possibly) embarrass yourself, watching a classic comedy is always a simple remedy for boredom. You can take a ( hopefully) quick run over to a local video store or access your apple TV and pick out a movie from the following:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The Breakfast Club

Caddy Shack ( Bill Murray <3)

Death at a Funeral  ( simply laugh till you pee your pants British humor)

Or any of your favorite films

3.  Music + Cooking = a possible case of perfection

Turn on some late night jams, weather classic rock ( like Queen, Led Zeppelin and Van Halen) or Mozart, and try making some easy confection you haven’t made before. Become a little daring and stick some diced banana’s and pecans in a box brownie mix to give it a different flavor. Or give it a mexican flare with a dash of cayenne pepper and cinnamon! I am quite confident though, that music can making cooking a fun tasty process, instead of a stressful job of measuring and whisking.


Sometimes looking ahead to the future can be an easy way of diverting from a glum present. So since not everyone has the time or money to plan long extravagant vacations, try looking for either a day in the city or in the country with a friend. If you choose the city, you can research new exhibits coming to museums, funky restaurants that have received good reviews, or make a theme for the day. For instance like a historical( name of nearest city) day, and go to some historical sights in the city and tucked away gems. If you’re veering more towards a country setting, find a nearby bike or hiking trail and think of ways to make the day interesting, like packing a picnic lunch or (if the weathers warm enough) finding a swimming hole. Just the process of planning for a fun day ahead, gives you something to look forward too!

5. Utilize your inner Crafty-ness

Okay so this one is pretty general, but basically get creative! Make personalized magnets for your fridge, paint a different expression on each on of your nails, put quotes on sticky notes and hang them up around your mirror…..ANYTHING!

Hope I helped cure your Friday Night boredom….oh yeah i forgot theres a #6. You can write a post about it…..like me :)


Indigo F.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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