The Charm of Boston

A few weeks ago, my family and I joined my cousins in Boston to have a “day in the city”. We ambled about Beacon Hill, admiring the climbing ivy up the old brick houses, and even resurrected a lost childish enthusiasm while visiting the Frog Hollow playground, which we hadn’t been to since we where the size of the smiling toad statues, still sitting there. What I love about Boston is it’s way of making you feel at home, even if it’s your first time there. From the Red Sox fanatics streaming into Irish pubs during the sweaty months of baseball season, to the crooked brick sidewalks that seem to have been seeped up hundreds of years of history in it’s cracks, Boston never fails to keep revealing it’s old charm to it’s newcomers and locals. If you find yourself in the area, I would definitely find some time to visit Savenors. It’s sister shop in Cambridge MA was a favorite of Julia Child, and I can completely see why! The shop is small and quaint, filled with fresh produce, top notch meat, creamy imported cheeses toppling over each other when you plunge your hand down into the enormous stack and all the Ritter Sport chocolate you could imagine! Anyhow, I guess I’ll finish up with some shots I took!


Indigo F.

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