The Unclaimed Hearts of Valentines Day

Valentines Day unfortunately over the years has been warped by media, into a day where masses of heartfelt letters and boxes of chocolate, somehow magically end up on every girls doorstep. Luckily I have been saved from this false generalization that has taken over a slim slice of our romantic population, excluding so many unclaimed hearts. Instead for me, it has been a long legacy of making hand made cards embroidered in lace with messages printed specially in my best penmanship to each one of my classmates in elementary school. What with all this build up of this annual day of love, I am realizing, Valentines day is really just about the love. Simple things to keep in mind on this day are:

1. Who and what do you love?

2 How can you demonstrate that you love someone on this day?

3. Love is universal, and will always outweigh the negativity in the end.

4.Love is more of what you give, than receive.

Thanks for reading and I hope this Valentines day will embody the true spirit of love, wherever you may be in the world!

Just thought I’d share a few photo’s that make me realize how thankful I feel, to be able to have so many places, people and things to love!

With lots of Love

Indigo F.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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