Winter’s Sleepy Lenox

Cool so this is my first post! Hope the people ( whoever you are) reading this enjoy it!

After a recent visit to Lenox Massachusetts, being the wanderer I am, have had the pleasure in indulging in some fine food,clothing and an independent bookstore with a unique twist! First off, walking about Lenox in the winter is quite a treat. You have the quiet peace of a near empty town center, caught in the midst of a gentle snow, with smoke lifting from the ice crusted chimney tops.  The days are frosty, but not to a point where your toes are turning blue. And  all you can hear are the crunch of alabastor white snow beneath your boots.  These are the quintessential components for the perfect winter afternoon, in a small New England town.

With the sidewalks caked in a mucky slush, I was thrilled to find a bakery sign swaying over an ancient looking building with inviting looking swirls decorated on it. Entering Shots Cafe, is like having a grandmother give you a hug. The room was cozy with buttery yellow and turnip colored walls, silver ceilings and baskets of freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies put out on a long counter dotted in all sorts of other goodies! It didnt smell like a Starbucks, with everyone purchusing the same iced mocha latte, and business men striding in, heavily drenched in department store cologne.

At a first glance of the menu, I was compelled to order a panini off the menu, even with the mouth watering temptation of eggs benedict calling out to me. The waitstaff where attentive and friendly, enhancing the cozy cafe atmosphere! The food was splendid and fresh tasting even for winter with nothing fancy… Just simple food done right! Both days of the weekend we ended up going back to Shots Cafe and dare I say if the weekend was three days… We might have been going back for a third time!

After a stomach full of cream based tomato soup and panini, what better way to test your waistband then go boutique shopping? Bella Ti, right around the corner from Shots, offers your usual funky finds… bulky jewelry, ruffles and zippers galore and a few other uncommon accessories! I personally love boutiques over giant mall stores because it’s so much more unlikely you’ll have the pleasure of seeing someone in the shirt you are wearing then if you select from boutiques. After milling around for a few moments, I found a lovely flowy button down shirt that was striped in shades of cranberry, navy blue and white….oh and did I mention made here in the USA?! I also happen to wearing this shirt as I write this post! Not only this shirt we found, but also these handmade scarves that the owner said her mom made! The scarves had these really unique delicate structure to them and almost had a three dimensional look! All and all, the store was nicely layed out and the owner made a warm impression on her customers!

By now you’ve been doing most of the work, trying on clothes, drinking hot chocolate and admiring quaint buildings along the road. The last stop of the day shouldn’t be where you have to think all that much. Where better to go the a bookstore? The Bookstore. A name as simple as that doesn’t evoke much, but the moment you see inside, you can sense there’s some definite magic left in it. Society now a days tells us the easiest and most efficient choice is e-books. In fact, this thought makes me gag. Putting libraries and bookstores out of business is not the path communities and schools be promoting. What with the econimic downturn ( yes I am 13 and even know what’s going on) we should turn to the people, not computers, in a time where everyone has become so dependent on high speed Internet. Thousands of people countrywide have to do with the printed book business: librarians, bookstore owners/employes, publishers, printers,etc. Now more then ever I am going to be supportive of the printed books/newspaper!

Okay sorry there, I got caught up in a little rant…back to The Bookstore!

Floor to ceiling was covered in books! Books about anything! From how to flambé shrimp and marinade swordfish to Shakespeare and Ralph Waldo Emerson Novels! Countless information at your fingertips! Besides what the regular bookstore might have, this one had an unexpected twist! In a long rectangular space off the main room, there was a fully decked wine bar! Not that this would excite my audience as much,being underaged, but I thought it was a smart move! If your sitting down reading a book off to the side, why not surprise the average customer by offering them a glass of merlot? Otherwise, I found  the last copy of a hand bound leather journal that was simply gorgeous! With leather as soft as rose petal and ancient looking to the point that it could pass as prop in Harry Potter, I knew I had come across my soulmate store!

By the end of this venture into western MA, I found myself as relaxed as a lady who has just walked out of the spa, and inspired to come back here and write seven paragraphs about it! I’ll be blogging and sharing more of my scattered adventures soon!

Love Indigo F. <3

Up close

Up close and personal to a pepper shaker

Panini Heaven! Slathered from top to bottom in emerald pesto!

Bella Ti boutique!

Another example of fine dining in the local Berkshire area. Chez Nous offers unbeatable taste combinations in an elegant atmosphere!

Profiteroles robed in a velvety chocolate sauce, dripping over dollops of french vanilla ice cream.

Comments and questions much appreciated!

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